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The Significance of Lateral Forces to the Development
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Fig 1 - Lee and Eakle illustration - J Prosthetic Dept., Sept 84, Vol 52, No 3, pp374-380

Brian Palmer, D.D.S.   2000 AD

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Fig 2a - Abfractions with different "slants."  Note poor home care.

Fig 2b - Abfraction ultimately led to fracture of tooth.

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Fig 2c - Note force of tongue thrust against teeth.

Fig 3 - Abfraction tooth of patient + only known tooth with an abfraction at the Smithsonian in 1996.  Note identifying "pit."

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Fig 4a - Tooth in mouth - Note identifying "pit" + tongue thrust (1993).

Fig 4b - Abscess caused by pulpal exposure by abfraction.  Note position of abfraction plus there is no decay.

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