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Frenums-videos of frenectomies, notes, links


Following are videos of frenotomies / frenectomies / frenuloplasties being done by various providers, notes regarding frenums, and links to other sites.

I am excited about adding this section to my website.  I think it can have a powerful impact on educating people around the world on a subject that most people know very little about.  Some physicians, dentists and speech therapists call the procedures in these videos ‘barbaric’ – mainly because they are never educated about them during their professional schooling – mainly because many of the professors know very little about the subject.  I am hoping this section can be helpful to a lot of people.  Since tongue-tie  (tight frenums) can cause significant nipple pain during breastfeeding, this section will help moms and babies enjoy a better experience of breastfeeding.  Other consequences of tight frenums are covered in other presentations on this website.
I do NOT recommend you have any of these procedures done and I do not endorse any of the individuals doing the procedures.  Each practitioner has varying degrees of knowledge, skill and expertise.  This section is for educational information only.  It is each individual’s own responsibility to thoroughly research any problem or issue they might be having in order to determine the best options.
I am hoping that medical and dental schools will start researching the consequences of tight frenums and start teaching the procedures, techniques and options necessary to have successful frenectomy outcomes.  I believe all schools that teach health issues should have a better understanding of the importance of breastfeeding and the many consequences of tight frenums.
I am also hoping a nationally sponsored website can be set up where individuals can go to see which healthcare providers in their community provide frenectomy procedures.
If you know of any other videos of frenectomies that are on the Internet, please send me the link to that site through the ‘Comment’ section on this website.  If you know someone who does frenectomies, you might encourage them to put a video of them doing a frenectomy on ‘YouTube’, and sending me a link to that site.
To add videos to ‘YouTube’, go to: http://youtube.com/signup

Section 1
– Consequences of tight frenums / frenulums.
 Letter from a mother of her son’s story of how a frenectomy changed his life.
Section 2 – Classification of frenums / frenulums.
Presentation by Catherine Watson Genna, BS, IBCLC and Elizabeth V Coryllos, MD, FAAP, FACS, IBCLC on frenum classification.
Posterior tongue-tie: A frenum / frenulum that does not go all the way to the front of the tongue, but still restricts tongue movements.
Section 3 - Various frenectomy procedures. 
Frenuloplasty procedure – small infant – excellent video and explanation (5 min)
Using tongue retractor / lifter – goes directly to breast after procedure – mother feels definite improvement in discomfort. 
Pain level goes from a 6 to a 1.‘YouTube’ link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN-vVYd1m-o&NR=1

Dr. Elizabeth Coryllos from Mineola, NY, doing a quick upper and lower frenotomy on a newborn
using only topical anesthetic. (1:48 min) 
‘YouTube’ link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzL4VS_4kSA&feature=related
Frenectomy by Dr. Smith, San Jose, CA with only topical using Waterlase laser on 18 year old boy – nice explanation – no pain – no swelling. (2:48 min.) ‘YouTube’ link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWvGuoj7Q4U&feature=related
Frenectomy by Dr. W.B. Haddix (NY) using Er YAG laser with anesthetic and tongue lifter. (1:48 min) 
Labial frenectomy by Dr, Wesley Haddix (NY) using a Diode laser – also shows 5 day post op. (2:14 min)

Lingual frenectomy by Dr. Haddix using Er YAG laser.
  Has young girl patient stick tongue out at end. (1:48 min.)
Lingual frenectomy using Erbium laser on adult male – holds frenum with forceps –– no bleeding – tapping noise from laser.  Has patient stick tongue out.  (1 min.) ‘YouTube’ link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yOTPiK31ow&NR=1
Frenectomy with WaterlaseMD laser No needles, no sutures. (0:17 min)
‘YouTube’ link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZHSdxyMCZk&NR=1
Good professional explanation of a labial frenectomy with EZLase. (2 min.)  Extensive procedure with no blood.  Link from here and then click on 5th choice down  - ‘Frenectomy – View Clinical video’: http://www.biolase.com/ezlase/fda_indications.php

Lingual frenectomy
with no sound. (1:51 sec.)
Lingual frenectomy by Dr. Jon P. Wheeler on 4 year old – topical only + nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and TV.
Intro to conference webinar presentation on ankyloglossia by Midwife Rachel Hillan, IBCLC  (Bristol, England)  title: Wicked, Barbaric, criminal thing to do. (~10 min.) ‘YouTube’ link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ablyKx-iNwY

4Miscellaneous links and laser companies that might have a list of dentists in your area who use lasers to do frenectomies. (I have no financial link or interest to any of these companies.)
Providers in UK who treat frenums (Frenectomy = Divide tongue-ties):
UK Baby Friendly Initiative – UNICEF site: http://www.babyfriendly.org.uk/page.asp?page=154
Info for parents: http://www.babyfriendly.org.uk/page.asp?page=152
Biolase – Company that manufactures laser equipment. Has list of dentists who have laser units who might be doing frenectomies in your area.