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It has taken me 34 years of evaluating teeth, mouths, tongues and throats to arrive at the conclusions I have arrived at on this website.  I have chosen to share this information with you in this way, hoping that someone else would see the importance in it, and use this information as a starting point to begin his or her own research.     

I know some will challenge this research because it will be considered “observational” and not “scientific”.  The information presented on this website cannot be set up in a lab with results gathered over a short period of time.  That kind of research may be scientifically proven today, but is often scientifically proven wrong several years later.  It may take years to see the changes that take place in the mouth of individual patients.   

For those who believe the information on this website is unscientific, I encourage you to try to disprove the information any way you would like.  I am confident that by trying to disprove the information, you will become a stronger believer that the information is actually very scientific. This information will withstand the test of time. 

The cases I have presented can be seen on a daily basis in any dental practice in the United States.  I am hoping this information will stimulated the minds of many dentist and other health care providers to look more closely at the marvelous clues in the mouth, because:  

“Your eyes cannot see what your mind does not know”